Our History

Foundation of Faith

Quinton Baptist Church finds its roots in a Sunday School started in May of 1876. The Sunday School met in Beasley Neck School House and was shortly after moved to Quinton Public School House. The Sunday School grew until a church building was built (still currently used as our Fellowship Hall), and full church services began being held in 1890. There were 49 original members. 

Beasley Neck School House

Growth of Our Church

Over one-hundred and thirty years later, our church has seen a lot of exciting growth as many people have come to put their faith in Jesus. We have had many different ministries designed to impact families for Christ and have been a great help to our community around us. We have had twenty-eight pastors over the course of our time who have led us in devotion to the Lord and in love for those around us.

We have also grown physically as well. Since the original church was built, we have built a classroom wing to the original building, a second larger church building with a sanctuary (where we currently meet), an education wing, and a parsonage. And we look forward to growing more.

Current Chapel

Our Legacy

Quinton Baptist Church has had a heritage of God-honoring men and women who have helped to build our church. We cannot wait to see what the Lord has ahead for us as we look to leave a lasting legacy for the Lord.